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Summers offer a great chance to undertake and implement the home improvement ideas you’ve been thinking of. Home improvement would, among many other things, include changing the outlook of your living room, replacing some of the garden pots and mowing the lawn, painting the walls of your home, putting up new lights in the front porch, etc. At the same time, no home improvement idea would be complete without rejigging the kitchen and one component of it would be replacing the old kitchenware with a brand new one. Getting a nice organic dinnerware set could be one way to do it.


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Organic Dinnerware Brands that are Ruling the Market Right Now

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic-induced lockdowns, a great number of people started opting for DIY home improvement ideas which helped in boosting of many dinnerware brands. Among the types of dinnerware sets available in the market, organic dinnerware sets are the ones that garnered maximum attention. Organic dinnerware sets are those which are manufactured using completely natural and environmentally sustainable raw materials like clay, stones, bamboo, banana leaves, etc. Growing awareness among the general populace with respect to the need to lead an environmentally sustainable lifestyle led many companies to launch organic dinnerware products. As a result, the global organic dinnerware market is expected to witness a huge growth in the 2022-2030 timeframe. Some of these environmentally sustainable dinnerware sets are given here:


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The Little Market

One of the most talked about dinnerware sets in the market, The Little Market’s Fair Trade Dishes, are made out of completely recyclable materials like glass, wood, and ceramic. The company has also claimed that special care is taken while manufacturing, so as to make these dishes totally lead-free. Not just that, these organic dinnerware sets come in both exciting and neutral color combinations which provide ample choice to customers to choose from. With a price range of $18-$75, The Little Market offers dinnerware sets at a fairly reasonable price.



A Canada-based venture, Fable offers organic dinnerware set made from recycled clay. Not just that, Fable has made sure that the dinnerware, once manufactured, gets shipped only in a recycled packaging material. Thus, Fable, whose mission is to become a zero-waste company, has put a lot of thought while launching these dinnerware products. Currently, Fable has launched the dinnerware sets in four shades ranging from dark blue to light pink. With an average price of $100, Fable dinnerware set is, however, slightly on the higher side.



Organic Dinnerware sets launched by Ekobo have grabbed the attention of a lot many people. Ekobo’s dinnerware products are made from bamboo fiber which make them not just ecologically sustainable but also extremely durable. Ekobo has entered in a sort of agreement with various Chinese chopsticks and flooring industries for supply of raw organic bamboo sawdust, which a bi-product of these industries. Ekobo manufactures dinnerware sets using this bamboo sawdust and non-toxic melamine binding resin, which give the manufactured products considerable strength. Furthermore, these dinnerware sets range from $20 to $30 which make them extremely economical.



Pfaltzgraff’s Blue dinnerware set is unique in the sense that it is made from high-end stoneware. Thus, along with recyclable nature of the product, it is highly durable and convenient to use. Also, the special handcrafting that goes in the manufacturing of this dinnerware set gives them a special glaze and sets it apart from the contemporary products in the market. Price range of the dinnerware set is, however, on the expensive side.



Zungleboo is another such brand which has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years owing to the high-quality organic dinnerware products launched by them. Made from bamboo and corn, Zungleboos’ plant-based dinnerware set is devoid of any oil-based petrochemicals, BPA, and toxins like lead, cadmium, etc. Another advantage of these dinnerware sets is that they are very easy on the wallet.


The Bottom Line

Products like organic dinnerware sets and their growing demand is a testament to the fact that there has been a considerable increase in awareness and feeling of urgency among people regarding the need to save the environment from degradation. As a result, many other companies too have started investing in this sector and are coming up with new ideas to capture this rather young market.


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