How to Choose Your Rattan Lounge Set

When choosing Plastic Rattan Set or any form of outdoor or patio furniture it is very important to choose the right set from the onset

When choosing Plastic Rattan Set or any form of outdoor or patio furniture it is very important to choose the right set from the onset. Here at insharefurniture we aim to not only advise you of the right choice of garden Furniture but also make sure the outdoor furniture you choose is right for you.

Garden furniture has evolved over the years and now we have a range of different types of materials used in outdoor furniture sets ranging from outdoor synthetic rattan to synthetic PE rope. These are used to create modern and classics in a range of weaves. Aluminium garden furniture also features in our range which has a modern contemporary look and feel which is in line with the minimal design trend. The materials are highly durable, all-weather, low maintenance material that will look good throughout every season, year after year.

Measure your available outdoor space

The type of furniture you can get depends on the amount of free outdoor space you have available. For example, a small 2 seater bistro set such as our Ella set (shown above) might be the best option for the smaller patio, while our stylish rattan cube set (shown below) is a better fit on a bigger patio.

Consider what pieces of furniture you need

It is also important that any outdoor furniture you purchase is based on the needs of your family and how you use your outdoor space. For example, if you want to relax with a book, then comfort is paramount, so look at a day bed or an outdoor sofa set

Think about storage

Most retailers in the UK will claim their garden furniture is ‘all-weather’; and while we know that our cast aluminium pieces are designed and constructed to stand up to all mother nature can throw at them, they still need to be protected in harsh weather.

So, before you buy a piece of outdoor furniture, see if you have enough storage space for the winter months. If you don’t, go for smaller pieces that you can accommodate indoors or factor in the purchase of a suitable cover into your budget.

Quality is key

When choosing new garden furniture, rub your hand over surfaces to make sure they are smooth. Check that joints are screwed not stapled and glued. With metal garden furniture, check that any welding isn’t cracked and that any powder-coated finish is generously applied.

When it comes to durability, our general rules are as follows:

Teak is better than pine

Cast aluminium is better than steel and easier to maintain than iron

UV-treated polyester is better than cotton

High-quality synthetic rattan or wicker is better outside than the real thing

Whichever the option rattan is an excellent Plastic Rattan Set or Rattan Lounge Set choice. You can click to learn more information before you buying Rattan Corner Sofa

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