2K21 playground: ideas to make it a way better experience for everybody

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I wanted to discuss whit you my thoughts about the best way to NBA 2K MT Coins make park an enjoyable experience in 2K21 whit some simple changes. This problem affects all players (casual gamers, high rep players, folks whit good W% listing, people who don t care about W% album.) Since 2K decided to make W% album public (2K17)discovering games is now a massive issue. I understand 2K wishes to maintain the neighborhood cause whit that they could place in NBA 2K21 a great deal of advertisements, but walking around 20+ minutes simply to come across a game isn't what players need to do if they decide to devote time on a videogame.

My idea is to maintain the neighborhood as a"meeting place" and maintain the stores, the gym, training centre and whatever 2K wants to put out there. The significant change would be no courts in the neighborhood. I think something similar to REC will be perfect. In my view it'd be ideal to have another system for"teams" (which would be matched contrary to other groups ) and"solo players" (that could get matched up whit and contrary to other solo players).

In my opinion this could be graet for every player from the casual that only wants to play whit randoms into the large repetitions that are tired of people running off and away games. Additionally, it would fix a good deal of lag problems since you wouldn't have other courts whit people playng in the backdrop. I like the fact that your per game stats show off until NBA 2K21, but it does not make sense the way it's right now. Stat tracking ought to be related to the construct you using in NBA 2K21! If I sometimes play with as a glass cleaner, however I play mainly as a PG, it doesn't make sense to show my averege stats! So just separete stats based on which build you're using. I Believe that this is an easy fix, but it could make the stat line way more useful

On precisely the same page of stage I presume listing should also be separated based on which build you are really using in this moment. I can be a graet centre but a point guard. Or I play whit my buddies as a lockdown but randoms conduct. I think using split document based on which construct somebody is using would provide a better indicator of how good somebody is whit a particular construct. I'd keep the general record from the"player profile", but also add another voice based on the build he is using in that instant (showing his album, shooting percent etc).

Everybody has whit practice. I d also add a"last 100 matches" record tracker. Players that were bad at the start but became whit time might show off that they're good now by getting their lively record over 50W-50L. Try hards will be prompted to keep tryng getting their ideal 100-0 to fend whit hard pals attempt off. You do it one time at the beginning of the year and then have to Buy NBA 2K Coins get throug that grind every new build you make. It s boring!! Please 2K allow it to take briefer! I personally would be making a lot more assembles if it wouldn't be for your own grind! I'm sura that would give also cash to 2K, cause folks purchase, and would make builds more VC to generate em.


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