They are conditioned to hate or complain about any things that were new.

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I could already see it happening. 2K21 drops. Everyone needs to know how to 2K MT perform with it so that they get pushed out of their comfort zone and instead of adapting to the changes, they flood 2Ks and mikes twitter and basically force them to revert everything. And then in november everyones burnt out since NBA 2K21 feels like years.

I dont believe criticising a game is a bad thing but do we all at least wait until we have some badges? I want things. I would like to adapt to a gameplay that is new and another meta. I am hoping that they get some nuts and don't fuk after launch unless it's legit. They will do some authentic nice alterations but the vocal minority will yap and yap and they'll ruin it.The issue is, not a single person actually said"change the meter." People said to remove it, but nobody said change it. Nevertheless, that. When we request a ton of items, and the very first thing we get is some thing we did not request, I think it's reasonable to be angry.

People today need to realize that in the close of the afternoon, the community doesnt develop and create NBA 2K21. 2K does. When the community, who's constantly complaining, always continues to purchase whatever is discharged year after year, whatever the blatant disregard by 2K of the communities desires and suggestions, they are the fools for buying the precise product they dont need. 2K makes the business decision to discharge what they know the masses are going to buy anyway. Only if you idiots stop buying it and affect their sales numbers proportionally, would any wise company start to do what they're being told is impacting their sales.

I spoke more in general. I could take or leave the shooter meter. But if you or anyone is angry over something so simple like a shooter meter then that's on you. It will be like any other shot meter after playing it for x amount of time. Or turn it off. Back to my point tho, gameplay adjustments will be made by them for the better and ppl will whine until it's reverted back into shit. Honestly what a thing to complain about. You can already alter your shot to everything you need in 20, it is not like you're gonna be forced if you really hate it so awful to use the new one.

They are conditioned to hate or complain about any things that were new. It may be currys eyebrows being off plus they would bitch about it. It does not matter to them what it is. 2K as a company has lots of flaws and some of the community's criticisms are justified but when I see people bitch and moan about little things like this all the time it virtually invalidates the component of the community which tries to provide real feedback.

I give game publishers the benefit of the doubt and continue to encourage them by purchasing their games based on how they behave to support said future or game franchise releases. In the event the publisher pisses me constantly ignores the neighborhood feedback in future releases and patches, I stop encouraging them and stop buying or enjoying their matches. Active players are seen by them, and game sales speak for themselves. I guarantee that when every single person who complains about NBA 2K21 stopped playing it everyday, and didnt immediately pre-order or purchase the subsequent year's copy and paste version on day 1, then they'd see a lot more of the negative comments making it into NBA 2K21. Like the EA/Activision controversy about micro trades, loot boxes, and pay to Buy NBA 2K MT Coins triumph. They saw their earnings fall, and also fixed the issues.


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