Lost Ark: How to Farm Providence Stones

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Another option for getting an Omnium Star Lost Ark Gold is to purchase one from the Spearfish hunting Guild Vessel in Punika. If you sail from the Punika docks, there's the possibility that a commercial ship called the Spearfish Hunter Guild Vessel will be on hand to offer an Omnium Star. The star can be purchased in 8000 Sun Coins, which you are able to acquire from Sailing Voyages or High Seas Coin Chests. If you're running low on the chests, you could finish island quests or the Procyon's Compass Adventure Islands to gain more.

If you've got plenty of Rapport items to give NPCs, then achieving the Trusted Rapport ranking with Nia will be a good method to earn the Omnium Star. As you progress towards Friendly ranking with her you'll require high virtue statistics to move up to Trusted rank. One way to get around this is by achieving Friendly level one with Nia by gifting her legendary gifts in order to skip Friendly level two and skip to Trusted level. If for example, you're on Friendly level one with Nia and you have 7000 points in your account, then you can present her with 13 legendary gifts in order to skip the Trusted. However, gaining trust with Nia becomes much more challenging without using this method in the event that you don't have the virtue stats to advance to Trusted.

Additionally, you can earn the Omnium Star from completing the Purification Ceremony every day, which is known as the Una Task. While the actual task isn't too difficult to finish, it will take you 21 days to complete. It is important to begin the process as soon as you can if you want to get the Omnium Star quickly. Fortunately, you can get the other Omnium Stars in between these activities.

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