How popular are fire mages in this phase

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The first time that it came out, we did not have a decade to buy gold classic wow and a half worth of knowledge about ways to optimize it. Just from this the specific same code will not produce anything near precisely the experience. Retail has tons of problems, but I do not get the men and women who believe raiding took skill in vanilla and then got too easy later on.WOW Classic is possibly not vanilla WoW. Lots of things are distinct, regardless of the mantra of"no changes". WOW Classic is a Frankenstein of different patches and values, with a jumble of contemporary changes Blizz needed to slap to"fix" things they don't enjoy, again despite"no changes".

I've had exactly the same experience with WOW Classic. I do not mind that min max culture is something so far as guilds are concerned, where the mindset has trickled down to almost of all of the playerbase I mind the area. I had been in a meh guild onto a meh server and ran my own share of PUGsthen with very few exceptions it seemed inescapable, like having to pretend we are somehow always speedrunning when we're really not. It takes the fun from WOW Classic, the ratio is way, way off using Wow Classic players.

It is just as widespread in retail unfortunately. Constantly running dungeons with folks saying"This is the way they get it done MDI!" They perform in MDI, while needing understanding just how much goes into some of the shit. I really doesn't matter how many times you say"No, pulling 6 packs and'simply aoe them' doesn't do the job." They never understand it requires cooldowns to handle the damage coming in and going out all. I honestly love that it is a game. I understand what I want to do and that I know how to do. The fun comes from executing the fights and getting through the material better and quicker. Do I want to gather all of world buffs to clear this raid? Hell no, but me with that, and all those buffs helps us clear faster.

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Out of interest, how popular are fire mages in this phase at WOW Classic? Until we found ignites that were rolling in Naxx they were hardly used in Vanilla. So everyone played with frost but before then, we were all paranoid. There is a fire attack shatter construct for aoe grinding that is super popular but none of our dps mages have swapped to complete fire as much as I know.There has been lots of danger to fire initially, particularly in AQ. However, the DPS was necessary in Naxx there seemed to be less AoE and crap. However, I guess with everyone being smarter and better than a decade ago, they could begin to push on it and make the switch to fire.

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