What NBA 2K22 Must Change From 2K21

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After launching, 2K21 premiered on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 having a few improvements over current-gen. With over a year to experimentation with next-gen technologies, 2K22 should be the most improved and polished of the franchise to date. Even the 2K franchise has always led the way concerning graphical improvements, but sometimes the game seems better than it feels. Clunky and inconsistent cartoons have been a staple of NBA 2K for ages. Real-time input for long and smooth cartoons can be hard, and next-gen animations can improve the way the game feels and also retain the immersion that is lost with past games.

Multiplayer hasn't received much love in the hottest NBA 2K games, and microtransactions have made it even worse. Players have a choice to grind out the Story Mode to boost their character, or pay to immediately be greater than their opponents. Eliminating microtransactions completely would be a welcome addition to 2K22, even if it is improbable due to how much money 2K Games can make from them. Multiplayer can be improved using less immersion in this game. The thought of loading up a real park and waiting in line to play with games is adorable but not sensible. You will find lengthy barriers for someone who just wants to play a game with friends. There's also a giant barrier in the form of lag and latency which will require improvements. Some attention to the multiplayer system could keep the fanbase happy just playing with friends.

2K Games has produced some stellar NBA 2K games in the past, but critics are always quick to point out the perceived carelessness that has gone into making new games. Perhaps this is the year that the series changes up Cheap 2K21 MT the formula until it's too late. The developers at 2K have had plenty of time to experiment using next-gen capabilities. Hopefullythey can make decent use of new technology and take some fresh steps together with NBA 2K22.


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