To reach her room players have to RuneScape

Commander Zilyana. This angel-like creature is in fact the chief of Saradomin forces that fight in God-Wars Dungeon. Her Combat level is 596 and RuneScape gold so she's mid game bosses available for many players who can get this instance and kill 40 Saradomin monsters which opens doorway for her cave. This boss can be target of killing for God Sword pieces and Armadyl Crossbow which can be exceedingly expensive. As battle against Commander Zilyana can readily be replicated she's easily farmable particularly from range.

Kree'arra. Another among God-Wars Dungeon bosses is a birdlike creature named Kree'arra which is the chief of Armadyl forces. To reach her room players have to conquer 40 enemies out of Armadyl forces and jump through the gap with Mithril Grapple. Kree'arra drops on death Armadyl items as well as Godsword shards. Since many players tend to use Ranged via the game her drop table is most expensive among God-Wars managers. Obtaining Armadyl parts of equipment demands huge amounts of cash and because fight isn't that difficult people often search Kree'arra rather than other bosses.

General Graardor. This significant creature is the only living representative of this Ourg race as well as a pioneer of Bandos forces in God-Wars. To achieve this man players have to go through a wall which you can just ruin with a hammer. This activity requires 70 Strength. On top of that adventurers who want to confront against him have to kill at least 40 members of the military. Luckily enough, Goblins are throughout the dungeon and can easily be defeated to complete this undertaking. As General Graardor is the only boss in the game to fall Bandos bits of gear he can be easily farmed for loot.

K'ril Tsutsaroth. Still another leader of forces at the God-Wars dungeon is none aside from K'ril who is the overall of Zamorak army. He is typically fought during Slayer jobs because he's classified as a greater demon. People often tend to go for yet another bosses heads when farming in God-Wars dungeon because he is drop table is not as striking as this of Kree'arra or many others. From notable ones we can cite Zamorakian Staff, Staff of the Dead and Zamorak Hilt. It's also worth mentioning that due to his Demonic classification he could be fought with a Slayer helmet bonus.

Kraken. Is much more powerful and larger version of Cave Kraken which can be found at Kraken Cove. This monster demands level 87 in Slayer skill with as well as the Slayer assignment for Cave Krakens. Since this boss poses virtually no threat to high level players and is quite simple both to get and to farm, people often use it to get wealthy. Among most notable drops you can find Kraken tentacle and buy RS gold Trident of the Seas which both can be marketed for a few hundred gold coins.

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