Teammate evaluation" is visible on the screen
Teammate evaluation" is visible on the screen Dec 10

Teammate evaluation" is visible on the screen

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Enhance your interest by enhancing your interest in "My My Brand" to get sponsors. In addition to the capability parameters the character will possess additional "My Brand" attributes ? For instance "fashion" as well as "music". If the game is complete or the assigned task is accomplished.

This value will earn some amount of experiences and raise the levels. It is believed that these "personal interest"-style capability points can be mostly employed to get sponsors. Once the value is at a certain level that the character is able to sign with the sponsor, earn additional appearance fees and also increase the amount of VC Coin that can be earned.

The best way to build "My My Brand" is to complete various jobs in the city. Pay attention to the evaluation of your teammates in the game. Even if you're selected by a highly-rated team in the NBA draft but it doesn't mean your career has been smooth sailing. As a newcomer, unless your abilities in the role have greatly over the average of all players, the time spent in the reserve will be longer than the playing time. To learn more. At this point, the coach will make a request, and the player must achieve multiple "B"-level teammate assessments in the game to become the starting player.

"Teammate evaluation" is not merely a means that players need to score more goals, but they must work together with the team to be efficient of passing both offensive and defensive motions and reducing errors (such as being taken by the opponent, etc .)."

Teammate evaluation" is visible on the screen. Look for it in the upper-right corner. This is an example of a "teammate evaluation" that does not improve much when a goal is scored, however a great play which allows the teammate succeed in scoring a goal, or inflict a foul on the opponent, will dramatically improve the evaluation. More NBA 2K products in

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