How did you get to know?
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How did you get to know?

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How did you get to know? You didn't believe that any of the lesser beings could be able to fool me. I wonder... is it a gnome mage? My apprentice Glouph and I were the only two. You'd be weak, no matter what. You do exist. They've been helping Lucien! Ha! Are you helping Lucien? You don't know the same about us as we believed.

Lucien will be out of your concerns soon. Worry less about him than me. The only real use Lucien has ever had was in the preparation of the Armadyl staff. In addition, he was instrumental in killing the Meddler Hazelmere. What happened to Meddler? He was wrong! You killed Argento in this manner! Guthix was proud to have created Argento. He deserved to die. You should have died. Why?

Let them have their fun. Hreidmar You and your soldiers attend to the other intruders. I will deal with your name. You must now combat Wyvoch again. He is able to use melee and magic at the same time. As before, your prayer is just a temporary protection. Half health can take you to a place further away in Dorgeshkan where Zanik recovers and needs you to assist him. Another cutscene showcases several White Knights fighting the Red Axe Co.

Chaos Dwarves. To return to the current scenario, now Wyvoch is preparing to use a ranged attack which may be able to explode into dragonfire in conjunction with other attacks. A shield that is antidragon or Dragonfire Shield is advised. The kin will teleport when his health is low. If you observe the kin's bar completely red the kin will teleport. You'll get the things they left behind, the same way as when you killed them.

Follow the path to the top of the mountain, by climbing the ladder at the temple. Lucien will attempt to become god through Seren's power. But, he'll appear to be quite shocked. He will realize his own strength has been diminished by combining Armadyl’s power with his own, as Armadyl's power is evil, while Armadyl's is positive. Lucine isn't going to believe your story until he's on his knees. Contemplating that he needs to eliminate the staff of Armadyl He explains to you: Fine. You're welcome! But first, you must give me your word that you will let me walk.

You'll find another way to gain the power. There's no way to get power. If this power doesn't kill me I'll be able to do a lot of destruction.... Fine. You have my word. If you're a member of the staff, you're free to walk. We've agreed to a deal. Catch. (Lucien tosses the staff of Armadyl to you, but an Dragonkin known as Kinress Nesazi teleports in and is able to grab it before it gets to you.) What's this? How useful you have been, Lucien. But no more.If you want to know more about can go

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