Three lessons learned from the Cowboys Vs. Panthers Madden Sim
Three lessons learned from the Cowboys Vs. Panthers Madden Sim Oct 27

Three lessons learned from the Cowboys Vs. Panthers Madden Sim

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The Dallas Cowboys logged their first victory in the Madden season, defeating the Carolina Panthers 28-21 behind a balanced attack. Dak Prescott was a masterful thrower of the ball and Ezekiel Elliott was dominant on the field. Dallas won the Madden simulated game of the season's opening. But what did it teach us about the game?

3. Dak Prescott was surgical

Prescott completed 18 out of 20 passes and scored two touchdowns. He also avoided costly mistakes that could have resulted in a loss for Dallas in previous simulations. After a eight-yard sack at 1st and 10, that put Dallas in a tight spot close to midfield. Prescott's only two errors were on back-to-back throws.

While Dak was when he ran, Ezekiel Elliott set the beginning of the tone.

2. Ezekiel Elliott was the engine behind the offense.

Dallas"s opening drive was a real grind 'em down affair that ate up time and moving chains behind Elliott's physical running before striking it in the final zone for the first score of the game. The lead grew with a one-yard touchdown behind Elliott. Even though Carolina attempted to push in the final minutes to keep things exciting, the Panther offense became one-dimensional due to Elliott's lead.

Elliott was able to finish the day with 122 yards over 22 carries, which is 5.5 the average. He was hitting the hole like the hammer was a weapon over and over He made it easier for Prescott to operate. The result was a big day for the pair but that might not have been possible had it not for Elliott's great day as the first two weeks of the Sims showed us.

1. Dalton Schultz is a legit player to watch for the Dallas offense

It was almost poetic to observe Dalton Schultz record a big game against the Panthers because he just had such a big night against Philadelphia. He was able to get open for two touchdowns before being able to get defenders off the field for more yards.

His first score was notable for its the most effort, as he made an adjustment to the pass that was in his direction and returned the opposite way to extend his ball across the goal line. His second score was pure power. He blew through the safety of the Panthers to push the advantage to 14 points with only three minutes remaining.

Schultz is in the final year of his rookie deal and regardless of whether we're talking about the Madden simulation or actual playing field the player is making a strong case for a fresh contract in Dallas. If you want to know more about can go

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