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Rsgoldfast - This morning I was working on my laptop

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Talk to Ivan Strom afterward to get the platelegs that the Juvinates employed to lure you into a trap. They function the same way wie mithril plates, however you are one hundred percent certain to receive leg healing, which will grant you 1-10 hp per injury you caused. Ivan Strom explains: "Guthixian Druids discovered that plants get nutrients from the soil beneath them through their roots." Saradomist silversmiths used that knowledge to those platelegs. It is possible to get an adamant version or rune-based version of these legs when you burn Vyreguards. Vyre lords, when burnt, may part with rune or, if lucky, dragon versions of those legs.

I am also aware that you will be asking what the reason is for why Legacy of Seergaze has not revealed the plot you saw. To that I reply that the plot you saw is far more extensive than Myreque quests. It's more likely it will appear in the sequel to While Guthix Goes to Sleep than Legacy of Seergaze.

This morning I was working on my laptop, pondering why smithing wasn't as good as it should. I looked at the GE prices and bars were WAY higher than the end product on a lot of items. My guess is that the issue lies in demand and supply. There are not enough bars and too many products that end up being made. This is my opinion.

It should be possible to again break down the end results into bars. In some furnaces, we could put in the grinder. This grinder can be used to crush any item (of a certain type of metal) by placing them in the grinder and then getting [metaltype] pellets. Where x is the number of many bars are required and metaltype refers to the kind of metal you chose to use.

The pellets are stackable, however, they don't require any smithing skills. You can then put them into a furnace to make bars from them. two pellets for each bar to make bronze to mithril and 3 pellets for each bar for adamant +. When making bars you will get about 1/3 of the experience that you get from normally making a bar.

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