Madden NFL 21 did indeed get the final franchise update
Madden NFL 21 did indeed get the final franchise update Jul 03

Madden NFL 21 did indeed get the final franchise update

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Seeing EA update Madden 21 this much, particularly in relation to its own multi-touch Franchise style, is odd. However, it is refreshing to find the developers trying to recover some of the trust it had dropped with gamers over what was mostly regarded as a roster upgrade instead of a real sequel when the game released last year.

Madden NFL 22 Must Take the Same Game Plan since WWE 2K

Madden NFL 21 just got its final roster update a few days ago, but fans of this franchise have been already busy talking about Madden NFL 22. Derrick Henry is allegedly going to be the cover star for another installment in the franchise.

While that escape has some excited, there is something hampering enthusiasm even one of the most dedicated players of this long-running series. The franchise has seen more people complain about each year's reduction, more than compliments. That could mean it is time for a new move by Electronic Arts: The best idea for the franchise may be to take off a year. Of course, if the company failed to make that movement, it could be a surprise into the gambling community.

It was just this week that Madden NFL 21 did indeed get the final franchise update. That means there won't be any more significant work on the game, other than bug fixes and mild upgrades. The focus now does really turn to another setup for many lovers. If EA moves full speed ahead, Madden NFL 22 will probably be out in about five months. However, the business does nevertheless have an out. While the cover athlete was leaked, Henry or Madden NFL 22 hasn't been officially declared. In fact, the business hasn't confirmed there is any pay athlete, or even a Madden 22. Perhaps it should take that chance to announce there will not be one.

There is some precedent if EA decided to hold off and have a year off for Madden, even if it is not likely. It doesn't happen all that often. The majority of the time, as soon as a game franchise starts down the"yearly release" tracks, the train does not want to stop. However, when it comes to Madden NFL 21 along with the rest of the franchise, a break might be called for. There's been quite a little talk about how the series is hardly more than a reskinning and roster update, for $70 a year.

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