Rsgoldfast - Viluppo can strike you with a very hard melee
Rsgoldfast - Viluppo can strike you with a very hard melee Jun 21

Rsgoldfast - Viluppo can strike you with a very hard melee

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This attracted concern from the villagers, until they understood that it was dangerous to have them in the village. They dug a system of five tunnels, among them hidden from sight. Each of them were abandoned their to perish, and their spirits wander the tunnels. They long to proceed from the tunnels, but all five of these must be reunited for that to happen. They can not see one another, even in the dead.

What he found led him to death, along with his spirit now also wanders the tube. It's possible to speak to him using an amulet of ghostspeak, and he will tell you: After the four of them die. The father appears to kill the killers. Also, he tried to kill what he discovered in the tunnels. He could not break them with a sword, and arrows only went straight through him. When he casted a spell, the soul inside took damage.

You can find the spirits of the family west of the Mind Altar. You aren't going to need a light source, such as the caves were mild with gloomy torches for your Letums to view in. Viluppo is about the NW, Flech on the NE, Veneno on the SW, and DL around the SE. Every one of the family will attack you immediatly because you enter, and you're able to enter with a team, although you can do one boss solo fairly easily.

Viluppo can strike you with a very hard melee, which can be protected with shield from melee. However, like K'ril Tsutsaroth, will strike through prayer very hard. However, it strikes slightly less, and slightly more. Viluppo can also muster rats in the wall, which will absorb your magical ability, which makes you unable to strike Viluppo. The rats have to be killed with crumble undead.

He is not weak to any specific spell however, as he's wearing bulky melee armor, using a very low magic defense. Flech can strike you using a crossbow that hits faster and harder than Karils. It may be 100% protected from protect from range, however, if a bolt would of hit you, it will drain 1 prayer point from you.

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