I have no idea what to RuneScape
I have no idea what to RuneScape Mar 03

I have no idea what to RuneScape

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At the moment, I was moving onto games such as World of Warcraft, and as such, I had little incentive to put effort into restoring my account. And therefore I didn't, I left it to the hacker. Furthermore, I chose to regain my accounts; a very easy task considering I'd overwhelming evidence surrounding the initial 2 decades of this accounts.

Inside a few emails, Jagex decided I was the person who owns the account. When I left , my account was not that awesome, it had a few million, some pieces of barrows armour and a few random parts of armour and weaponry, and normally a bank full of junk and quest items,alongside moderate level stats, involving level 40 and 90. Once I was setting my email on my account, establishing healing questions and that JAG protector item, composing new passwords, I had been considering what my account would look like when I logged in. The very same stats, but with a vacant bank, emptied by what I believed would have been gp-sellers.

Well, I couldn't have been more incorrect. I logged into an account with exceptional riches. Roughly half the abilities were 99, and all them were above level 80. I haven't even accessed (my?) Bank nonetheless due it using a snare, but the wealth of what the character was sporting alone was 544 million. The account had recurring membership (I cancelled it).

Now, I have no idea what to do. I know it was my account originally, and I was the man who started it and watched it through it to level 100 battle, but the idea that some guy, however he was able to get my account, place so much time and effort to the account, likely more than what I ever did, is catastrophic, and it makes me feel pretty guilty for regaining my account from curiosity. So, eer, even if you are still reading, have you got some hints?

I'm going to get another chaotic and I was wondering which are more useful first. As of now I'm deciding between the chaotic staff and chaotic maul. I already have rapier/long blade and I am fine with the ee offhand for that. I've SOL and I have wand of treachary/grifolic orb. In addition, I possess a BGS. The reason I needed a cmaul is merely so that I could have a 2h t80 weapon and because I would like to have crush weapons for certain slayer tasks.

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