NBA 2K21 is only 1 week away
NBA 2K21 is only 1 week away Jan 23

NBA 2K21 is only 1 week away

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Ahead of its expected release following month, 2K and developer Visual Concepts announced NBA 2K21 is going to receive a demo for current-gen consoles following week. Even though the name is also slated to come on PC and Google Stadia in September, the demonstration is only going to be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The names are also expected to arrive on next-gen consoles like Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. But because the consoles have yet to arrive, those games don't even have a launch date.

The NBA 2K21 demonstration will be on August 24 ahead of the title's official release on September 4. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X models are also declared, however, neither of them has a definitive launch date as of yet.In other gambling information, Suckerpunch announced an impending Ghost of Tsushima online co-op style.

NBA 2K21 is only 1 week away, also together with all the 2K Games press launch, we know more is coming!So what is next for big reveals?NBA 2K21 have dropped a bombshell with a huge new trailer covering MyCAREER along with The Neighborhood all at once!It covers NCAA basketball returning to MyCAREER, a whole new setting called 2K Beach for The Neighborhood, and plenty more.

In a recent Courtside Report 2K declared some significant gameplay features and changes. Now you can try these features out in the NBA 2K21 demo which is live!Thanks into the Current-Gen Gameplay Trailer we understand The Neighborhood will be coming from NBA 2K21. The cover celebrity Damian Lillard had a few changes in mind, which he implied. The developers have maxed the height 6'8, which will interest many.2K also highlighted how they've made the game simple to pick up for beginners and pleasing for everybody. The Guru stick has existed because 2017 but this season, it is going to see some big changes.

Important overhauls at NBA 2K21

Jump-shooting and completing will also get a revamp with the new Pro Stick update. Shot Stick Aiming, from NBA 2K17, will make a comeback in 2K21. Additionally, 40 new leap shot landings are added, along with a series upgrades on the defensive end too.Redesigned badges along with also the ability to swap in and out will also make a return this year. However, 2K will eliminate the rapid draw and Place release speed back into Jump Shot creator.

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