We Should Not Complain About New Modes
We Should Not Complain About New Modes Dec 14

We Should Not Complain About New Modes

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This sub is way to doubtful to say anything favorable about Madden in almost any manner. The Yard is a super cool idea and it's okay to be excited for this. I'm a massive franchise man that is not pleased with the present condition of CFM, but I love this idea! It looks like a blast to playwith. That being said, half this sub will observe the trailer, read the Gridiron Notes, and completely ignore any positives so they can last I to rant about completely unrelated problems with the match. You can't even post a trendy highlight here without the top comment being somebody complaining about how broken or unrealistic some thing is. It is like the people here just want to be cynical all the time regardless of the content they view. It is really a drag on anybody who doesn't absolutely 100% despise the game.

Seriously, it has turned into a massive circlejerk of all ppl who only talk in absolutes. These are my exact thoughts. It is fine to be happy about something such as the lawn and upset over the state of franchise. This is a brand new and exciting 2k such as idea. I really like the park and rec in 2k and I am eager to perform with the yard! Exactly it is only people bitching about whatever they just need to make a sub where they can bitch on the game rather than doing it here. I don't disagree with this at all. I believe EA and madden are always seeking to include micro trades. That is the unfortunate reality of today's gaming. But like you mentioned, we should not complain about brand new modes. It demonstrates that in some capacity they're attempting to keep the game clean. Not really. EA will get shit on however they have a long term plan with every implementation. FIFA gets the newest features first and the same follows in Madden in the next title.

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