They Could Still Be Doing Less By Just Softly
They Could Still Be Doing Less By Just Softly Dec 05

They Could Still Be Doing Less By Just Softly

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Don't give companies brownie points for doing the simplest thing. This can be corporate slacktivism, all sound no actions. Donations, shouting out to resources people can use or donate to themselves, doing something with any material more than stating"shouts out to oppressed minorities, we will wait to market to you until you have some focus to spare?" Or, the best case scenario, just imagining a delay without tying it into something wholly unrelated to them except for its impact on their reveal. It is not, till they wish to pretend delaying their marketing program is an act of solidarity. Solidarity just means they agree with their origin, and there's nothing that indicate they don't. Yes, there is, the fact that they have done nothing to benefit anybody but themselves. That they just delay it without claiming that delaying an ad is somehow"in solidarity" with current protests. Do not be a fool that believes there's any weight whatsoever to some corporate entity"carrying a side" by delaying marketing materials. It is a completely pointless, neutral item and EA deserves no credit for it.

That's a really good point, I had not believed it like this. I think I agree with you this is overall a good thing even if it's also great for the business. I do you want to support the cause but what exactly does that have to do with soccer? It attracts attention to this matter and keeps it on the issue instead of letting a distraction from it via their match. And the whole response to it in in and outside the league when he was performing that are directly related to both the issue and soccer. NFL players are protesting police brutality during games for many years now. Considering the game includes the likeness of lots of those characters it is not surprising that EA may do this.

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