Nice narrative you've tried to EVE echoes
Nice narrative you've tried to EVE echoes Nov 30

Nice narrative you've tried to EVE echoes

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Do you have a movie for your channel abandonment too? I am working with it. The poor dudes recording that struggle had even more disconnects then that fight surprisingly. It is taking me more time.God that the fanboys are out in force on this one aren't they, every comment contradicting the narrative (which makes zero sense) gets downvoted. Now I'm only here for the unwanted karma.You made a new account just to shit post on most of SHH articles... You seriously want to reevaluate your life dude, you are looking way too hard.

Least this one includes a video I suspect...The OP literally admits about a few of my other comments it was you guys but he made them pull down their articles... you probably would not see it though as you're all so busy downvoting those that disagree with you.You seem salty and also for something so small. Take a break dude, you're getting riled up over a mobile phone game lmao. Additionally, you know what's worse than down voting those that disagree with you?..

For someone claiming to be an"outside observer" according to your message history, you sure do love piling on SHH members, every time they post... Perhaps look into getting a new hobby child this is not a good look for you.I'm entitled to my view making out you won when you lost is well, the epitome of propaganda. I also couldn't care less about karma so.What component of the is propoganda? The area where SHH just stated the truth, posted a movie and the proof of killmails?

Also for an individual who"doesn't care about karma" you sure talk about it a fair sum in every single one of your posts.You're floundering today in your arguments lol.Please allow me to understand how is it that you're so obsessed with GOOD FIGHTS nevertheless use that logo on your YouTube profile?For anyone who didn't realize it here's a primer. Doesn't the justification sound somewhat like Southerners who assert that bars and stars are simply history?

Let us also not forget that one of the leaders was prohibited from an EO championship for racist tropes. This is a dumpster fire of an alliance.Huh that is intriguing considering the next:I love this rumor. I wasn't involved in any shape or form together with the alliance championship you are speaking about. Nice narrative you've tried to split out. Heck don't hesitate to contact CCP and inquire. Proceed ahead.It is kind of pathetic that you're attempting to attach actual life consequences into a movie game. Do not you need a break in the shitty year that most men and women appear to be having.

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