That And Calling Out It Isn'T Nihilism
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That And Calling Out It Isn'T Nihilism

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Why not support them in doing both? Words are actions, oftentimes. Putting out a statement of belief such as this isn't simple. I'd hope they're also doing material items to create the lives of the black employees better but that does not mean I want to take care of this as moot. Putting a public statement is really a fantastic step forwards for initiatives like that, since if EA is not doing enough then it's really easy for people internally to say"Look, our actions are materially distinct from our stated principles and we ought to do something about this" At the end of the day if you refuse to acknowledge when a company makes a small step you love then how will they ever learn to make a large step you love? You are treating this just like a political negotiation in which earning this small concession implies you won't have the negotiating power to make a bigger one later on. But I don't think that is how this works: EA is testing the waters and learning from their customers whether this is the type of thing they encourage or not. Is the lesson you want them to learn from all that human decency is not worth appealing to because it does not actually affect buying decisions?

I believe based on your remark that we're going to essentially disagree on idealism vs. realism, and that's fine. I find myself generally in the center of realism and idealism because I understand the way the world works but I still want a better world; you don't have to select one or another. I really don't know why we have to give corporations a pass simply because they aren't people (that Citizens United would disagree with but that's another argument.) We should not just accept the best we are given by a company, we should anticipate the best we want out of them. Companies are made of people calling the shots and you will find an infinite amount of cases of companies that both make enormous profits and stand up for great causes. Patagonia is a great example. They don't need to create sustainable goods and offer repair and reuse programs to go against fast trend, but they do and they earn a lot of money anyways.

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