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Any Skill Is Worth Your Time

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I do not normally post items about Runescape anymore, however I would love to bring something up from my experience in RS as a player and pker I have noticed that in comparison to regular players pkers bot a whole lot more frequently. I've a good deal of expertise in pking, and I have noticed that a lot of people appear to have botted from real evidence while I was training to very suspicious levels they acquired (99 str 20 att as a fairly large example, 90-99 in abilities on level 40-60 accounts also.) With this great amount of botters who also are pkers, it feels like there's an obvious trend.

Folks are botting because they believe that the only real fun in runescape is pking and that training for levels to pk with is boring. This leads them to rationalize that botting is fine because it isn't doing anything to affect different players, it's simply letting them not need to play at a boring environment to receive a fantastic account for pking. I also believe that the majority of folks who go on private servers do not go on them since they have been banned or to get rwting or for another reason, the vast majority of people only want a enjoyable time pking without grinding levels for a good account.

On training my 3rd pking accounts in 2010, I've even considered botting because it is rather clear to anybody who has coached a pking accounts that it is dull as hell. In retrospect I was lucky because at the time a lot of accounts were being stolen by botting websites and I decided partly based on this that it would not be wise to create a pking account through botting. With this said, there clearly is a problem that Jagex is not addressing. Individuals who bot seem to get bored with the idea of gaining levels to pk with, and with great reason. Pkers who wish to train their levels in the classic way of killing mobs have had to kill the very same mobs for decades, its constantly minotaurs or monks or any other grindable mob.

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