They call BOSS into another RuneScape players
They call BOSS into another RuneScape players Oct 15

They call BOSS into another RuneScape players

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So yeah, my buddy Mitch runs his own clan and here's a short guide he posted on his discussion. It is really basic so that's why I didn't post this in the manuals forum - since I don't believe this will become a real manual but exactly enjoy a simple How-to... I haven't been playing RS much to get a large enough dungeoneering level to prove my theory, but I'm pretty sure it is true because I have talked to a number of the people about the dungeoneering highscores and they explained that it was precisely what they did as well. As you all know, reset every time you finish floors 1 to maximum, then repeat.

Anyway, the gameplay: The most absolutely fastest way to get dungeoneering xp is to play a team of 2 or 3 individuals on a dungeon made for ONE person. Yes you read that properly. Small dungeon, designed for 1 person. NEVER solve or open rooms that are not emphasized (that's why manual mode is on) because that will render more critters undefeated and therefore giving you a lower score. RUSH through every mystery, never bothering to kill any creatures unless it's a guardian room.

Have one person in charge of purchasing selection, vial, tinderbox, and hatchet at the beginning of every stage to use on special doors. Whenever someone finds out the boss, they call BOSS to the other players, everyone check their map, and rush on to have the boss in seconds. NEVER idle using a secret. If you pick up a key, run about and find the door that it opens by using your map. When it's not a highlighted room, you don't need the key.

The purchase price of items on the Grand Exchange is supposedly determined by supply and demand. But sometimes demand and supply does not appear to matter. First examples I could think of: Full set of black armour (8,873 gp). It always sells for optimum cost. But try purchasing a full set of black armour in the Grand Exchange, and you'll find there is not any supply. I frequently see people saying"buying full black" at the Grand Exchange. Demand greatly exceeds demand, but the G.E. cost doesn't go up. It's been like that for a very long moment.

Cheese never lasts more than a second once you put it available, before it is successfully sells. Raw chicken (160 gp). For a long time, blue dye and yellowish dye were Grand-Exchange-priced considerably lower than demand would suggest. Little fishing net (140 gp). Bronze arrows never endure for more than a moment when you put them up available into the Grand Exchange. Why does the Grand Exchange cost occasionally not adapt to reflect supply and demand? Add any other examples you need that also demonstrate the Grand Exchange price does not appear to adjust so to present supply and demand.

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