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So even if they did not care we appear to be within a fine place at this time and that's what is critical. Just continue supporting and playing the game if you enjoy it and Sega will see they have a good enough player base here to not bungle items later on. What a non response for the why the 8 year delay query. Its obvious they lost interest long ago and only changed their mind for this release because of Microsoft practically funding it. All what has been mentioned here makes quite a great deal of sense in retrospect. The clunky translation on account of the team not having much control over it, and also the huge wait for your EN version. For all those of you who don't remember, PS as a series has had some really DOGSHIT customer service in the west, all the way back to PSO. Sega as a business has an extreme trend toward the crippling fear of earning cash. They never try things unless they see an immediate gain to them in some capacity (See: POS apparatus in response to their incoming downfall, the quarterly surveys, etc.. )

GotId adore how that dude's encounter is gatchas along with the SEA fiasco, which makes me feel so comfortable with the match future... SEGA simply don't like the west, and we would have never gotten this game if not for a significant firm like MS. I do not know if it is because of terrible history with cheaters from PSO /PSU, or even still sore over the Dreamcast's demise which was all thier own fault. Heck they arent even Sega anymore, they are Sega Sammy. How are personalities shared, exactly? If"character growth won't carry over", that seems like you may have a character with the identical title in both matches, but I wouldn't predict that shared. That's exactly what they said. They haven't mentioned anything about cosmetics yet that has some people worried. The only reason I am in a position to confidently say this is exactly what it is, is because during the initial CBT on xbox insiders they had a really wonky translation when using a ticket that said something along the lines of"Are you sure you want to enroll this information?" My friends & I have been making"enroll that information" jokes everywhere one of us gets a decorative we desired.

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