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So because it is a solo boss that means it can not be unpopular? Grandmaster does not mean much imo, the pursuit is not challenging, I know ironmen under 100cb that have it done with below average equipment, base 70s are not difficult to get as quest requirements.

No I am saying it is hard to estimate Hespori on whether it's popular or not because people are hardly ever there together. Also understanding a few Ironmen who have finished Song of the Elves doesn't really mean anything. So you're statement that they are all unpopular is wrong. Hespori additionally provides Anima seeds which could directly affect your XP prices. Stuff such as the Attas Seed are an intense blessing to XP since it globally raises your added harvest opportunity.

Glad to see all of the invasive mtx for rs3

That is the reason it pays to wait till the Q&A planned for today since today this post doesn't really age too. That boss seems like exactly what the game should spice up fishing. As an OSRS participant, I don't know why gamers still play rs3 if that bugs them so much. Plus the notion that you are currently paying for OSRS. Am I missing some thing? Hey we are getting new mtx advertising! Take that OSRS.

Rs3 is a joke anyway. Do not worry, we will find another MTX content copy-paste soon enough.

At this point if it would speed things up, I would rather see them start to rewrite RS3 from the ground up. We got the update to stunt mine and a number of people reported broken banks. If a graphical upgrade breaks core characteristics of our personality, Jagex seriously must think about building a (largely ) future proof code on the game's base level. No longer"engine work" excuses, no longer"spaghetti code", and no longer tick speed explanations. It would be quicker and more economical to rewrite it vs months QA'ing something only for something unexpected to break on release. Osrs real game.

Check out for more details.

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